Emily Kistner, Director of Communications

When not tending to WILDE Tribe communications Emily can be found nurturing her vegetable and herb gardens, her beloved chickens, or some delicious pot of stew in the kitchen.  Passionate about building a culture worth descending from, Emily is devoted to giving life to the stories, songs, and prayers held in the marrow of our bones through ritual, ancestral handcrafts, and the capacity to both laugh with wild abandon and wade through the deep waters of grief with grace, love, and unyielding hope.  Believing wholeheartedly in service, she offers therapeutic mentoring in wilderness settings, mediation, and doula support of all kinds. 

"I'm a woman after all, I'm the flesh of relatedness, a holy corridor to love, I'm tears and laughter knitted to story and the magnificence of seasons." ~ Rachelle Lamb